Welcome to Hepperle We are proud to introduce you to our unique one of a kind sculptures.

Each subject is researched to enable us to create the patterns used to cut out the wood. Patterns are created using a variety of reference materials, photographs and study skins to ensure the product is as accurate to nature as possible. All Carvings are created using woods, such as Basswood, Tupelo, Yellow Cedar and many more.

We use top quality glass eyes for most of the products and carve the eyes in others.

After the blank is cut out to a rough shape using a band saw, we use power tools such as a high speed rotary tool with larger bits to create the project. When it measures the correct size and shape we use smaller bits to add the detail to the feathers and the fur or hair.

Then using a wood burning tool, we further refine the feathers and fur. This is a painstaking process that can take many hours to complete.

We seal the work with a high quality wood sealer and prepare to paint the colours using either acrylic or oil paints.

All habitats the carvings are displayed with are made by the carver using putty, wood, wire, paper products and any other materials we can to create the look of nature. Even the Feet and Legs are created from Brass, Copper and putty. Nothing other than the odd piece of driftwood is natural unless specified.

Each carving can take from 200-500 hours to complete, but they are a labour of love. Please enjoy!

  • White Breasted Nuthatch