000_7458Longarm Quilting Services

Cheryl is pleased to announce the purchase of an APQS Lenni, Longarm quilting machine. This machine is capable of completing quilts up to king size. Quilts will be sewn with an all-over design of your choice from a selection of panto graphs or custom patterns. I will work with you to create the right design that will enhance your piece of art.




Guidelines for Best Quilting Results

The following guidelines will ensure the best results for your quilts to see they will be completed in a timely manner with fewer added costs to you.

  • Please make sure the borders on the quilt top and the entire quilt is as square as possible.
  • Remove any long threads and trim the quilt of any raw edges.
  • Please ensure all seams lie flat, and have no breaks or splits and the quilt top is well pressed and folded neatly.
  • The backing and the batting shall measure at least 4 inches wider on all four sides. The grain of the backing fabric should be parallel to the length of the top.
  • Seams on the backing should be parallel to the width of the top unless it is a pieced backing.Preshrinking the backing is recommended.
  • The backing should be squared to the quilt.
  • No basting is needed as the quilt will be placed on the machine in layers starting with the backing then the batting and finally the top.
  • No embellishments should be on the top prior to the longarm process.

Pantograph Designs

Longarm Quilting Prices

This pricing is for basic, edge to edge designs.

Baby quilts that measures up to 36”x45” $45.00
Lap quilts that measures up to 60”x60” $60.00
Twin quilts that measures up to 60”x80” $75.00
Double quilts that measures up to 80”x90” $100.00
Queen quilts that measures up to 90”x110” $125.00
King Size quilts that measures up to 120”x120” $150.00
Custom quilting designs $0.05 -$0.07 per square inch
Machine Binding Services $0.08 per square inch

Prices do not include GST, thread or finishing and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Cheryl for additional fees and services.

NOTE: Tops will be completed in the condition they are received unless additional preparation is requested. Fees for preparation may vary depending on the condition of the top.

Contact Cheryl to schedule a 15 minute quilt drop off appointment.